Our Goals

Goals and Objectives

 The FNLMAQL’s primary goal is to unite the First Nations Lands Managers through a Provincial Association. Overall goals of the First Nation Lands Managers Association for Québec and Labrador are shared with the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA). Other goals include:

  • to apply, obtain and administer financial support from governmental and private sources
  • to promote and market this Association within the province of Québec and the region of Labrador to communicate in both official languages lands management issues of Québec First Nations
  • to communicate in both official languages lands management issues of significance to First Nations
  • to provide continuing in-service education for First Nations Lands Managers
  • to share regional Land Management activities and interests with NALMA
  • to work collaboratively with other Regional and National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association in providing technical advice and guidance to the Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada regarding First Nation Lands Management issues to encourage and foster the incorporation of First Nation values, culture and beliefs into Lands Management systems and processes


Who do we serve?


FNLMAQL serves its members who are located in Quebec and Labrador. All Indigenous communities in Quebec and Labrador are eligible to become members.

Would you like more information on becoming a member? Contact us here.


    Mission & Vision 


    The First Nation Lands Managers Association for Quebec and Labrador is a bilingual, nonprofit,
    nonpolitical organization whose mission is to unite and assist all of its members and indigenous
    communities to exchange knowledge, ideas and expertise in all areas of Land Management
    while incorporating our traditional values, beliefs and practices.


    All Quebec and Labrador Indigenous communities are empowered in autonomously managing
    their land.

    The overall goals of the FNLMAQL are shared with the National Aboriginal Lands Managers
    Association (NALMA) and aim to unite First Nations Lands Managers through a provincial


    Strategic Priorities

    1. Grow a Strong Network

    2. Share and develop knowledge within Quebec and Labrador communities in a culturally
    relevant manner

    Seven Grandfather Teachings

    The Seven Grandfather Teachings have always been a part of many Indigenous cultures and
    their roots date back to the beginning of time. The teachings impact one’s surroundings and
    they provide guidance for all actions. These founding principles are:









    Valerie Fauteux

    Valerie Fauteux

    Executive Director- She/Her

    Bea Toner

    Bea Toner

    Administrative Assistant- They/She

    Bea has a decade of experience family-serving community organizations, including administration, event coordination, parent support, and childcare. They graduated from the University of Victoria in Gender Studies and Indigenous Studies. Bea’s relationship with the land has been shaped most powerfully by the time she has spent alongside children turning over rocks, climbing fallen branches and digging in the dirt.
    Contact Bea via info@fnlmaql.ca
    Mackenzie Casalino

    Mackenzie Casalino

    Communications Coordinator- They/He

    Mackenzie has worked in Communications across various advocacy groups including Disability, Environmental Conservation, and Indigenous Healthcare on Reserves. As a graduate of Carleton University’s Journalism and Human Rights programs, they connect with the Indigenous practices and teachings used in environmental and human protection. Mackenzie’s passion for environmental conservation comes from their childhood exploring lakes, wetlands, forests, and fields.
    Contact Mackenzie via communications@fnlmaql.ca
    Kendra Caron

    Kendra Caron

    Project Coordinator - She/Her

    Kendra has years of various work experience that led her to Project Coordinator at FNLMAQL. Having started her education in Political Science, and moving to Culinary Studies, she has a well-rounded and diverse background. Through administrative work, farming, management, teaching, and many people-facing jobs she developed a passion for leading projects and collaborating with others. Her experience working on a farm shaped a love and respect for the land and the importance of sustainable practices. Her continued passion for food and farming can be felt through her time spent gardening and feeding loved ones. 
    Contact Kendra via support@fnlmaql.ca

    Board of Directors

    Amanda Simon

    Amanda Simon


    Certified Lands, Estates and Membership Manager


    Sarah Jerome

    Sarah Jerome

    Vice Chair

    Estates and Membership Lands Officer


    Michel Durand Nolett

    Michel Durand Nolett


    Lands Manager, Office of Environment and Lands


    Roselyn Tebiscon

    Roselyn Tebiscon


    Membership, Lands & Trust Management

    Timiskaming First Nation

    Membership Directory

    This map was created using resources from Native Land Digital, Indigenous Service Canada (1) (2), Innu Nation, along with data from our members. We appreciate those who have lived experiences from these communities represented on this map to send us feedback if any information is incorrect.

    Please contact communications@fnlmaql.ca to send any notes.


    Over the course of 2020-2021, our team developed the Association’s 5-year Strategic Plan. We are pleased to present it to you here: FNLMAQL Strategic Plan.

    We look forward to hearing your feedback and comments on our strategic priorities, objectives and initiatives.

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