We’re growing! FNLMAQL has expanded our team by hiring three new staff members.  Welcome…

Amélie Ponette (she/her) Projects Coordinator– April 2023 
Amélie has 20+ years of experience as a project coordinator, a McGill diploma in Public Administration and Governance. She feels most at home in her off-grid camp in Omàmìwininìwag (Algonquin) territory and she is driven by a deep respect for Nature. She believes that we have a lot to learn from First Nations’ way of life, and that their ancestral knowledge should be at the forefront of land management best practices.
Contact Amélie via projects@fnlmaql.ca
Bea Toner (they/she) Administrative Assistant — April 2023
Bea has a decade of experience family-serving community organizations, including administration, event coordination, parent support, and childcare. They graduated from the University of Victoria in Gender Studies and Indigenous Studies. Bea’s relationship with the land has been shaped most powerfully by the time she has spent alongside children turning over rocks, climbing fallen branches and digging in the dirt.
Contact Bea via info@fnlmaql.ca
Kendra Caron (she/her) Projects Coordinator — October 2022
Kendra has years of various work experience that led her to Project Coordinator at FNLMAQL. Having started her education in Political Science, and moving to Culinary Studies, she has a well-rounded and diverse background. Through administrative work, farming, management, teaching, and many people-facing jobs she developed a passion for leading projects and collaborating with others. Her experience working on a farm shaped a love and respect for the land and the importance of sustainable practices. Her continued passion for food and farming can be felt through her time spent gardening and feeding loved ones. 
Contact Kendra via support@fnlmaql.ca
Mackenzie Casalino (they/them) Communications Coordinator– April 2023 
Mackenzie has worked in Communications across various advocacy groups including Disability, Environmental Conservation, and Indigenous Healthcare on Reserves. As a graduate of Carleton University’s Journalism and Human Rights programs, they connect with the Indigenous practices and teachings used in environmental and human protection. Mackenzie’s passion for environmental conservation comes from their childhood exploring lakes, wetlands, forests, and fields.
Contact Mackenzie via communications@fnlmaql.ca